Dave Milotic is a freelance photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His photography work covers many forms and genres, including travel scenes, wildlife, landscapes, nature, portraiture and more – all conveyed with Dave’s own unique artistic touch.

Dave is motivated to capture “more than just an image”. He is passionate about creating images that both reflect, and evoke, human emotion. He is committed to working creatively with clients to achieve their desired images and offers comprehensive and flexible photographic packages tailored to meet client’s needs.

If you are interested in a family or portrait photography shoot please contact Dave to arrange your personal photo shoot in a location of your choice. Dave provides clients with a high quality, reliable and professional photography service but at the same time offers a friendly and relaxed approach.

On a more personal note the following can also be said about Dave…..

~ Dave considers himself to have the best job in the world – behind the camera is where he loves to be

~ He was born in Australia and has Croatian and Italian in his family background (yet shamefully is not overly fluent in either language… just yet)

~ Dave loves playing and watching ALL sports especially touch football, golf, snowboarding and fishing. Yes he is the “stereotypical” male!

~ He is a mad Manly Sea Eagles Football fan and when he is not behind the camera one will find him on Brooky Hill cheering on his team (Please try not to hold this against him)

~ His favourite meal is veal schnitzel (and nothing beats his mum’s home cooked version)

~ His favourite comedian is Tommy Little

~ Dave completed a 365 day photo challenge in 2013, where he took a photo at 11:11am each day. He chose 11:11am on instinct but has since been told these numbers are steeped in symbolism and very powerful when seen together (Pretty happy about that!) – Check out his 365 day photo challenge at Dave Milotic Photography Facebook Page

~ He has a passion to travel the world and hopes to explore (and of course photograph) every country one day!

~ Dave and his wife welcomed their first child, a baby girl in early 2014…… so far the little one is not camera shy :)

If you are seeking a quote for Dave Milotic’s Photography services then please contact him to discuss your photo shoot requirements.